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 Wealth Wednesday

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Highlights from the Schwab Impact Conference

During the last weekend of October, Michael Seese, Todd Kimpel, Daniel Spurgeon, Shanell Jeffrey, Nikki Lude, Ciara Smith and Neal Watson attended Charles Schwab's annual conference. In addition to educational sessions designed to deepen their knowledge, they also heard from Charles Schwab's executive leadership and investment experts. There were also networking opportunities and motivational messages from some big names. Today we share our experience.

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The Difference Between Investment Return and Investor Return

Investing is a key component of your financial plan. To be successful, one of the most important traits you need is intestinal fortitude. Reaching for return introduces some emotional stress, and sometimes that stress can be Intense. Big decreases in value cause many people to sell investments – and most do it when they shouldn’t. Today, we talk about the difference between investment return and investor return.

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Meet the New Faces at Commonwealth

Planning for the future is something we firmly believe. It not only applies to our clients but also to our firm. Today, there are eight financial advisors at Commonwealth. The experience on our team ranges from 10 months to over 40 years. It is also critical for us to also plan for the future, and that means finding bright young minds. In the last few months, we added two financial planning residents. Today we introduce you to Madison Gontarek and Khoury Kloss.