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 Wealth Wednesday

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Commonwealth Financial Services - The Next Generation

The Commonwealth team is growing. Recently we have added 4 new faces to our professional staff. Vince McManus joined our team in August, and has appeared in a few episodes of Wealth Wednesday. Today we focus on the next generation who will lead Commonwealth in the future. Ciara Smith, David Gebhardt, and Evan Brockmeier are all working towards the requirements to become financial advisors. Let’s meet them!

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Retirement Planning Essentials - Know How Much You Spend

Spending is the most important factor in your retirement plans. Your spending level has a greater impact on your plan’s success or failure. (Failure can be easily defined as seeing your account values go to zero before your blood pressure does). Spending can often be the most difficult piece of the puzzle to identify. We share some tips to help you easily begin the process of determining your retirement spending. Then we offer some ideas to help you fine-tune that amount.

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Bond Basics

Bonds are a common type of investment used to diversify a portfolio. Many times they have less volatility than stocks. But many people don’t understand how they work. Today we dig into the basics of bonds to help you understand why this asset class has struggled in 2022.

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Required Minimum Distributions - What You Need to Know

One of the most common questions asked by our clients pertains to Required Minimum Distributions. Most people know they will reach an age where they have to take something from their retirement accounts. But not everyone understands how it works. Today we will talk about the rules, how the amount is computed, what happens if you fail to take your required minimum distribution.

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