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 Wealth Wednesday

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Should I Be Worried About My Local Bank? Thumbnail

Should I Be Worried About My Local Bank?

On Friday, March 10th, it was announced that Silicon Valley bank, the nation's 16th largest bank, had failed. The news increased anxiety on both Wall Street and Main Street. Today we discuss what caused the failure. We offer our opinion about whether or not you should be worried about your local bank. Lastly, we talk about Charles Schwab and how this could impact the custodian of your accounts.

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Discussing Money With Family Part 3:  Financial Conversations to Have With Your Kids Thumbnail

Discussing Money With Family Part 3: Financial Conversations to Have With Your Kids

Money is a powerful force in our lives. As young people enter adulthood, good financial skills can be a big mystery. If we get a good start when we are younger, it is an easier path to better things. But a bad start can create a vicious cycle of problems that are difficult to overcome. What should you be teaching your kids about money? We share some of our lessons and observations on this week's show.

Secure Act 2.0—Rothification Thumbnail

Secure Act 2.0—Rothification

During the last two weeks of 2022, the US Legislature passed what is known as SECURE Act 2.0. It has many provisions and complexities. But one of the biggest is the expanded use of Roth type savings provisions. We call it Rothification. From SIMPLE IRA plans, to catch up contributions, to electing Roth treatment of employer contributions, there are more opportunities than ever to take advantage of this provision. Let's dig in to the new Rothification provisions.

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Measuring Your Ability to Handle Investment Risk Thumbnail

Measuring Your Ability to Handle Investment Risk

Investing can challenge anyone. When you see your account values decrease, it creates a level of discomfort. But how do you know your breaking point? Financial Advisors have been using Risk Tolerance Questionnaires for decades, as do we. They range from extremely simple to more elaborate, and all have some basic limitations. Today we discuss measuring your ability to handle investment risk.

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The Basics of ESG Investing Thumbnail

The Basics of ESG Investing

ESG Investing is becoming a more popular topic. The "E" stands for environment, "S" represents social, and "G" stands for government. It is a newer trend in the investment world and we are hearing more questions from clients. We'll explain what it means, how you can use this investing criteria, and some potential issues you might encounter.

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