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Highlights from the Schwab Impact Conference Thumbnail

Highlights from the Schwab Impact Conference

Insights Financial Planning

During the last weekend of October, Michael Seese, Todd Kimpel, Daniel Spurgeon, Shanell Jeffrey, Nikki Lude, Ciara Smith and Neal Watson attended Charles Schwab's annual conference.  In addition to educational sessions designed to deepen their knowledge, they also heard from Charles Schwab's executive leadership and investment experts.  There were also networking opportunities and motivational messages from some big names.  Today we share our experience. 

Watch Now: Highlights From the Charles Schwab Annual Conference


0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Swimming legend - Michael Phelps
2:30 - Author and psychologist - Adam Grant
6:44 - Artificial Intelligence
8:29 - More tools to help you
10:04 - Seeing how other successful firms do it.
11:35 - Outro