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Get a Second Opinion! Thumbnail

Get a Second Opinion!

Retirement Funding

In light of the recent rapid decline in market values, a question comes to mind.  If your advisor has been telling you just to stay put and not make changes and you are approaching retirement or are already early in retirement phase, this advice could be devastating to your long-term income streams.  

 If you do not have a discipline sell strategy in the face of long-term market declines and are taking monthly income from the portfolio, you may need a second opinion.  We offer tactical models that reallocate based upon risk profiles, so that major market downturns are not as impactful. While no process can guarantee the complete protection of principle, not making changes in such an environment when you're time -frame is not in line with historical market recoveries can be a very deadly approach.  Give us a call and let us offer you a second opinion on your current investment strategies.