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There is Always a Reason to Sell Stocks Thumbnail

There is Always a Reason to Sell Stocks

Retirement Planning Investing Stock Market Bear Market Inflation Interest Rates

There is always a reason to sell stocks.  Whether it is inflation, interest rates, wars, or politics you can always find a reason why selling stocks is a good idea. In this episode we also discuss paying off your mortgage vs. Investing, and Spending Risk.

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:25 – Investing vs. payoff your mortgage
  • 4:29 – Spending risk in retirement
  • 10:44 – Always a reason to Sell
  • 10:18 – We are hiring

Watch Now:  There is Always a Reason to Sell Stocks

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Appearing in This Video

Andy Dollman

Andy is one of the financial consultants in our Parkersburg, WV office.  He has helped clients with retirement planning, investment advice, and financial planning for the past 4 years.   

Daniel Spurgeon, CFP®

Dan is a Certified Financial Planner™ Pro in Parkersburg WV.  He began his career as a financial advisor 8 years ago.  In addition to retirement planning and financial planning, he helps clients with their investment management needs.

Neal Watson, CFP®

Neal is a financial consultant in our Marietta, Ohio office.  Neal has been a CFP® Pro since 1999 and a financial advisor since 1996.

We Are Hiring!

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