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Generating Income in Retirement: Snow or Rain - It's all water Thumbnail

Generating Income in Retirement: Snow or Rain - It's all water

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Generating income in retirement is a key component of your overall financial plan.  Do you depend on ongoing capital growth or dividends to generate the funds you need?  You can think of the growth as snow and the dividends as rain.  Either way, it's all water, and it can all work to help you create the income you need.

Watch Now:  Snow or Rain It's All Water: Generating Income in Retirement


  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:20 – Disclaimer
  • 0:24 – Welcome
  • 0:39 – The common ways to produce investment income
  • 0:56 – Systematic Withdrawal Plan basics
  • 1:56 – Dividend-focused income strategies
  • 3:04 – Capital Appreciation vs. Dividends – Snow or Rain, It’s all water.
  • 4:11 – Dividends go beyond stocks and bonds
  • 5:57 – There is still risk involved
  • 7:28 – The evolution of income production
  • 8:80 – Key things to know
  • 9:12 – Final Thoughts – Potential challenges we face in the future
  • 11:13 – Outro

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Appearing in this video...

Todd Kimpel, CLU®, ChFC®

Todd is a financial advisor in our Wheeling, WV Office.  He has been helping people plan for retirement for more than 4 decades.

Vince McManus 

Vince has been a financial advisor for 4 years.  He works in our Parkersburg and Athens offices..

Neal Watson, CFP® 

Neal is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional in Marietta, Ohio.  He has been helping people create income plans for more than 25 years.

Let’s Make a Plan for Your Retirement.

Using your savings to create income can be challenging. Whether you use dividends, systematic withdrawals, or a combination, we can help you with the details.  It all starts with a plan.  Fill out the form to connect with one of our financial advisors and we will call you to discuss your situation.