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First Quarter 2022 Recap Thumbnail

First Quarter 2022 Recap

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Today we look at what happened in the first quarter of 2022.  (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t a good quarter).  Then we discuss what we are hearing from clients and share some thoughts on how you can deal with some of the stress and adversity you face as an investor.  

First Quarter Recap Timeline

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:39 - Treasury Yields and Bonds
  • 1:16 - A look at the stock market.
  • 1:54 - The big story: Oil Prices
  • 2:22 - A quick look at Gold prices.
  • 3:18 - What we are hearing – Pessimism, doom, and gloom.
  • 4:29 – How to deal with some of the stress and anxiety
  • 6:10 – The media is a source of stress
  • 7:07 – Risk Capacity
  • 8:59 – Adversity happens, but we often forget that it does.
  • 10:44 – What we are going to be dealing with in 2022 and beyond
  • 12:42 – There is always a reason to sell or avoid stocks
  • 13:44 – How does this correction stack up to others?
  • 15:20 – Parting Thoughts

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Appearing in This Video

Michael Seese, CFP®

Mike is a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional.  He began his career in 1996.  Through that time he has helped guide clients through bear markets and corrections.   Mike is in our Parkersburg, West Virginia Office.

Derek Bailey

Derek is our research coordinator.  He helps us keep track of what is going on in the financial world.  

Neal Watson, CFP®

Neal is also a Certified Financial Planner™ Pro, and like Mike, he started his career as a financial advisor in 1996.   Neal is based in Marietta, Ohio.

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