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Challenges Women Face When Planning for Retirement Thumbnail

Challenges Women Face When Planning for Retirement

Insights Retirement Planning Social Security Investing Finances and Planning for Women

Women face some unique challenges when planning for retirement.  What can you do to better prepare for that next chapter?  Nikki Lude and Julie Daley share their insights to help you make better decisions to overcome the challenges you face. 

In this episode:

0:00 Intro

  • 0:18 – Some interesting statistics
  • 1:46 – What I’ve seen – Julie’s experiences.
  • 4:41 – What  I’ve seen – Nikki’s experiences.
  • 6:13 – Not Simple
  • 7:50 – Overcoming Divorce
  • 10:21 – Surviving Spouses
  • 12:29 – Social Security
  • 15:38 – Overcoming Obstacles
  • 19:02  – Outro


Appearing in this video:

 Julie Daley, RICP® - Julie is a financial advisor in St. Clairsville, Ohio.  She has over 15 years of experience helping men and women with retirement planning and wealth management.

 Nikki Lude, CFP® - Nikki’s office is in Woodsfield, Ohio.  She has been a financial advisor for almost 20 years.  She helps clients with their wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning needs.

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Facts About Women and Retirement

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