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The Basics of Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans Thumbnail

The Basics of Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans

Retirement Planning

Medicare is health insurance for retirees.  Once you reach age 65, you are eligible for insurance coverage under the program.  In 2020, an estimated 54 million retirees were covered.  You paid into the program over your working life, and now it is time to understand how it works.  Today we cover the basics of Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans.

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:49 – The basics of Medicare, Part A, Part B, and Part D
  • 2:08 – Medicare doesn’t pay for everything
  • 4:13 – Filling in the gaps
  • 6:59 – Other important things to know about supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans
  • 9:28 – Understanding the difference between supplements and advantage plans.
  • 11:14 – The key factors you should consider
  • 13:27 – Start early and know the details

Watch Now:  The Basics of Medicare, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Advantage

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Julie Daley, RICP®
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